Roll-on / Roll-off containers


Roll-on / Roll-off open and closed containers (available in: 4,6 to 46,3 m³ volume)

The containers have 4 to 6 mm thick bottom plates, the sides and the lid are made with steel plates of 3 to 4 mm thickness. The steel sheets are reinforced by U-bars (cold-formed from 4 mm steel plates) arranged at distances of 750 mm. The container's box rests on a rigid welded under frame made with hot-rolled U-180 and I 180 (180 mm high) steel profiles. This under frame incorporates the lifting eye ("hook") used for handling the container. The container has a pair of rollers to enable pushing or pulling on ground by the transport truck. The container is capable of being transported by any standard truck and meets the specifications of International Standard DIN 30722.





Roll-on / Roll-off open and closed containers (with swinging walls inside for selective collection)

Roll-on / Roll-off containers with opening roof

Roll-on / Roll-off containers for transporting bales

Roll-on / Roll-off containers for in built cranes