The vertical baler can press paper, cardboard, foils, plastics, textiles, aluminium boxes and other light fractions. Our multi chamber balers MK 400 can be selected as 1 chamber up to 4 chambers. The basic model has got 2 chambers, and there is an opportunity to handle more types of materials at the same time. The MK 400 can produce smaller (500 x 700 x 700 mm, 20 60 kg) bales, which can be used at supermarkets, and it is very easy to lower the costs of transportation and save valuable space.

Multiple-chamber baling press

  • Automatic working cycle

  • Easy emptying by conically opened feeding chute and bale discharge

  • Easy operation by key switches and press buttons

  • Electronical, low-maintenance control

  • Extendable by any number of press chambers

  • Extremely space-saving

  • Manual bale binding

  • Semi-automatic bale discharge

  • With integrated electro-hydraulic unit

Technical data

Machine height

2.200 mm

Machine width

1.800 mm

Machine depth

960 mm

Dead weight

720 kg

Bale dimension

500 x 700 x 700 mm

Motor power

1,1 kW

Time/working cycle

30 sec

Press force

46 kN


150 Bar

Oil quantity

8 liter

Electric supply


Fuse protection on site

10 A, slow

Externally mounted plug

CEE 5 x 16 A / 6h

Binding type


Semi-automatic bale discharge


Bale weights

20-60 kg