The AVERMANN – HORVÁTH products are designed by state-of-the-art requirements in Osnabrück (Germany) and those were implemented in Hungary by observing the specifications of the Hungarian recycling and waste management industry.

We are working now with 6 technical designers in Hungary. They are working with highest level software technology, because we need to speed up the assembling times of our machines to give you a faster service in delivery our products. The employees are working with 3D assembling plans. This makes easier for them to read the plans, so the assembling times and precision will be very effective.

Our firm is working on the highest level of technical discipline, in 1998 we got the ISO 9002, in 2003 the ISO 9001:2000 qualification. We admit each year new chapters to the system.
We are working on 7700 square meters with 122 employees. The factory has all the machines we need to build precise products. We own a SALVAGNINI FIBRE laser cutting machine, which ensures the accurate working quality. Our products are painted in all colors of the RAL scale to the needs of our customers in first class quality (2 components polyurethane colors. Think about your marketing: you have the option to put your firm logo on the subscribed products.
We are testing all of our machines 24 hour long, to assure us that you get an absolutely errorless products.