AVOS - 88 and AVOS 108

No matter whether pressing paper, cardboard, plastics or general waste AVERMANN AVOS 88 and 108 horizontal balers offer the best solution for different applications. AVERMANN horizontal balers are used for the continuous pressing of recycling material and valuable substances world-wide. The highly densified and fully automatically wire tied bales require a minimum of space only and can be transported very economically. Longevity and low power requirement as well as a steady operation guarantee a high efficiency of the AVERMANN horizontal balers. The throughput is from 2 up to 3,5 tons per hour, depends on machine type. The dimensions of the bales are 800 x 550 x adjustable length; up to 300 kg.

Basic standard AVOS 88


Basic standard AVOS 108


Special equipment for AVOS 88 and AVOS 108

        For pressing scrap, residual waste, wooden boxes etc. There are no openings inside the ram where pressed material can get jammed or emerge. The slots are only released for binding the bale. The press-ram is patented (patent No. DE19860316A1).





Technical data


AVOS 88 7,5/30

AVOS 88 11/30

AVOS 108 11/30

AVOS 108 11/40

Drive capacity

7,5 kW

11 kW

11 kW

11 kW

Press force

300 kN

300 kN

300 kN

400 kN

Throughput idle state

60 m3/h

90 m3/h

70 m3/h

105 m3/h


up to 2 t/h

up to 3 t/h

up to 2,5 t/h

up to 3,5 t/h

Bale size (W x H)

800 x 550 x adjustable length


3-fold vertically / annealed, oiled wire, Ø 2,8 mm according to DIN 177

Hopper cross section (L x W)

800 x 800 mm

1000 x 785 mm

Bale weight

max. 250 kg

max. 300 kg

Cycle time (idle state)

22 sec

14 sec

26 sec

17 sec

Channel adjustment



fully automatically

fully automatically

Dead Weight

ca. 3600 kg

ca. 6800 kg

Dimension (L x W x H)

3.500 x 1.900 x 2.500 mm

6.400 x 1.900 x 2.500 mm